A line and a dot and a miracle on the Spot!

Members of our association perform a children's play.

5/7/20231 min read

Members of our group performing A line and a dot and a miracle on the Spot at our celebratory opening weekend. Based on the modern Greek fairy tale "Mia Grammi kai mia Teleia ki einai Thauma Istoria!" (Megas Seirios publications, Greece), and the theatrical performance by Omilos Eksipiretiton (The Servers’ Society) Greece, a play which narrates the adventures of the Little Miracle, a child that lives in the Land of the WoWs!

The performance was a hit with our small and big friends from the local community, with lots of laughter and wonder. One of the guests had this to say, “it was absolutely lovely. If you want to say, friendly and welcoming and my children had a fantastic time.”